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Welcome to my Defense System Support Website. I hope you will have an interesting and productive visit. This website was designed to help anyone who needs information relating to the system/acquisition support of defense weapon systems, communication systems, and commercial systems and products. This website covers these major areas:

  1. System support, which covers the areas of

    1. Configuration Management & Control,
    2. Data or Information Products Management, &
    3. Engineering Technical Data, which includes blueprints and software data products,

  2. Government Virtual Libraries
  3. Administrative and Acquisition Support
  4. Contracting Support

Regarding virtual libraries, my website contains hyperlinks to websites that contain a wide variety of both government and private sector (ISO, ANSI, etc.) documentation. If you are looking for a publicly available government document, be it a standard, specification, handbook, data item description, regulation, instruction, or form, you will probably find a link to it in my webpage.

Please note that this is not an official Government website. There are many hyperlinks in my website that will take you to official Government sites. However, the words and thoughts in my website are my own, and as far as I know, they have never been endorsed or approved by anyone other than my ten year old daughter and her two cats, Smokey & Eve.

Configuration Management: What Is It?

Configuration management (CM) is a tool that program managers can use to purchase, develop, design, produce, modify, and support (i.e., maintain & upgrade) weapon systems, subsystems, and other individual items over their life cycle.

CM is used to ensure that the end product, whether it is an aircraft, satellite, radar, personal computer, or whatever, meets critical functional & interoperability requirements and can be operated, maintained, and supported by its associated technical documentation (i.e., Technical manuals, software user's manuals, blueprints, source code, etc.)

Key CM products include

Data or Information Management

Data or Information Management principally involves the acquisition and maintenance of information products which are required to support & operate systems, and acquiring relevant financial/schedule data, which are critical to the successful management of systems acquisition programs.

In today's environment, a data manager must be comfortable with personal computer technology and with working on the World Wide Web, as, increasingly, information products are created, delivered, and stored in HTML (HyperText Markup Language) format. Data Managers and those who use the data products will need to be comfortable working in the HTML environment, and soon in an XHTML and XML environment, especially as the WEB migrates to XML compliant data products (Extensible Markup Language). You can get more information about the World Wide Web and its structure and protocols @ World Wide Web Consortium.

Indeed, in the not too distant future, practically all defense information products will be created, maintained, and stored in digital format. Data Media will include CDs, zip disks, & 3.5" disks. Electronic or virtual files and file cabinets existing on the internet and on private intranets will also play a major role in data management. In some cases, contractors will "deliver" all data products to virtual files. Paper media format will, as a general rule, be obsolete, except for certain blueprint requirements.

Engineering Technical Data

Engineering technical data involves the management of critical technical documents (usually blueprints, technical orders/manuals, and source code) that are used to build, repair, maintain, and operate defense and other systems. This web page will only touch on this subject, but will provide hyperlinks to other sites which contain a great deal of guidance.

Other Areas of Acquisition/Administrative Support

Acquisition support involves a wide variety of activities which cover the range of the acquisition spectrum. These include:

This web site has both information and hyperlinks which can be of assistance with these various tasks. A comprehensive source of acquisition information and guidance can be found at The DoD Acquisition Deskbook: An Encyclopedia of Acquisition Information.

Contracting Support & Government Business

The contracting function is where all acquisition activities come together for execution. Contracting professionals turn requirements and funds into products for the end user by contracting with appropriate organizations. This is a very complex and demanding field. My website will take you to Government web sites where you can get a wealth of contracting information. If you need contracting information or need to see the FAR or a FAR Supplement, please click here Contracting Information & The FAR
If you are interested in doing business with either the Air Force or another military service or U.S. government agency, or if you might be interested in working for a branch of the U.S. Government, then please click here for more information: Business & Career Opportunities with the U.S. Government

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