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IRS Form 1040 IRS Form 1040A IRS Form 1040EZ
1040 Schedules A&B Mass Form 1 Mass NR Form 1

Above are the some of the most frequently requested tax forms. These have been added to this web site to help individuals access these forms when the IRS or Mass DOR server is approaching or at overload. If you need a particular IRS Form or Pub, you should get it as soon as possible. As 15 April of each year approaches, the IRS web site becomes flooded with hits, and it can sometimes be harder to access the form or document you need. Please note that you can find all tax forms and publications, both Federal and State, by going to this frame "Federal, State, & Private Documents"

There have been some changes at the Federal level for tax year 2002. They are summarized here for your convenience U.S. Income Tax Law Changes for Year 2002. For a more detailed explanation of all tax law changes, please refer to the IRS Pub 17, located on the IRS Web site. IRS Forms and Publications Also, for your convenience, here is a tax worksheet in MS Excel. It may be of some benefit to those who don't have exceedingly complex tax returns. Year 2002 Income Tax Worksheet.

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