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Logistics is the activity that keeps machines and organizations running. What do logistics workers do? A better question is what don't they do. Logistics is absolutely critical for both military and civilian organizations, as well as for households (just ask Mom!) The tables below contain links to many defense logistics web sites, including both Air Force and Army Depots. Basically, defense logistics is a related series of activities, all of which have the common purpose of keeping a weapon system and the people who use it operational. These activities include:

The Tables

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Air Force Logistics Sites & Information
Warner Robbins ALC, Robins AFB Ogden ALC, Hill AFB Oklahoma ALC, Tinker AFB Cataloging and NSNs
Air Force Technical Orders Site WPAFB Air Force Regeneration Center AKA "The Boneyard" Logistics Performance Specification Logistics Handbook

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Army Logistics Sites & Information
Anniston Army Depot Blue Grass Army Depot Corpus Christi Army Depot Letterkenny Army Depot
Picatinny Army Depot Red River Army Depot Sierra Army Depot Tobyhanna Army depot
U.S. Army Quartermaster Watervaliet Army Depot On-Line Nomenclature Site (JETDAS) RESERVED
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Other Logistics Sites & Information
National Stock Number Search Defense Logistics Agency H6 Catalog CAGE Code Search Phyllis, Logistics Answer Guru

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