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Air Force Contracting HQ AFMC Contracting
For MIL IPs only
HQ ESC Contracting
For MIL IPs only
Air Force FAR Site Acq Reform FAR Site GSA FAR Site GSA FAR Forms
Contracting Tool Kit IMPAC Card
Where in Federal Contracting
U.S. Navy Contracting Site
Defense Finance & Accounting Service (DFAS) Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) National Contract Management Association (NCMA)

Government contracting is a challenging job and a challenging career field. Contracts personnel solicit & advertise business opportunities, negotiate, award, & manage contracts, purchase supplies & services, and perform many other duties which are absolutely critical to both defense and civilian government operations. You can get more information about this field by visiting the sites listed in the table above.

A few words about this page's table: The table above provides hyperlinks to several government contracting websites, including the Air Force FAR Site, the GSA's FAR Site & FAR Forms site,
and the Acquisition Reform FAR Site. There are also links to the Air Force, AFMC, ESC, and Navy contracting web sites. You can find a wealth of contracting information in these sites. There are also links to agencies that have an integral role in the government contracting process, including the Defense Contract Management Agency, which helps the military services manage their contracts. Please note that if you are involved in government contracting, you will need to consult the FAR. When that time comes, you will be well served by the Air Force FAR Site, which is perhaps the most comprehensive FAR site in cyberspace.

Service Contracting: A Special Topic

Contracting for technical, scientific, and administrative services has increased significantly in recent years. Today, the government contracts out for many services that were formerly done in-house. Managing these types of contracts, which are often delivery order contracts, can be quite challenging. Using the MS Excel application can help significantly. Please click here Service Contract Workbook to see an example of one way to manage these types of contracts.

The Service Contract Workbook
can be used to identify contractually approved labor categories, labor rates, time periods for effectivity of labor rates, allocated travel and material funds, sources of funding, CLIN and funding SubCLIN values, and relationships between contract ceiling values and actual funded values. After contract award, the workbook can be used to process invoices, manage "burn rates" (the rate at which hours and dollars are expended), and prepare reports to management.

Where is the best place for information on U.S. Government business opportunities? It's right here: U.S. Government Business

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