Engineering Change Form: An Example for Your Guidance

This form is an example of one way to manage engineering changes to equipment


Your name:

Affected System Name:

Proposal Name

Email address:

How many other systems or items must interface with the affected system

More than three


What kind of system is this?

Guided Missile


What definition best fits this system?

Developed, Govt Standards, Nuclear Item
Developed, Govt. Standards
Developed, Commercial Standards
Non-developed Item, Govt

Non-developed Item, Commercial
Commercial Off-The-shelf
Commercial, International Use
Commercial, Common Use Item


How critical in terms of time is this proposed system change?


Briefly describe the proposed Change?

Briefly describe the estimated cost and algorithm?

Briefly describe the interface issues, if any?

Briefly describe the system logistics impact, if any?


Please Put your proposal in our transport and send them to us. Thank You!