Data Item Descriptions (DIDs)

Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) Request For Deviation (RFD) Technical Data Package Baseline Description Document
Production Drawings Cost Schedule Status Report Contract Funds Status Report Software End Item

Information is actually one of the more important products that governments and private companies purchase. The Department of Defense usually purchases information products by citing Data Item Descriptions (DIDs) in its contracts. Information products range from complex weapon system manuals and drawings to financial and technical reports. Because literally thousands of man-hours can be required to produce certain information products, it is critical for both governments and private companies to carefully weigh which products they will require. The table above will link you to several of the most frequently used data item descriptions. Several of these data items (ECPs, RFDs, Technical Data Packages, Baseline Description Documents, Production Drawings & Software End Items) are used to define and manage the requirements of a system, subsystem, or item. The financial data items (Cost Schedule Status Report & Contract Funds Status Report) are used to manage program funds.

Contracting for technical, scientific, and administrative support has increased significantly in recent years. Today, the federal government contracts for many services that were formerly done by the federal workforce, both military and civil service. Managing these types of contracts, which are often delivery order contracts, can be quite challenging. The DID DI-MISC-80711A is often used with these types of contracts. Please click here to see it: Technical Report.

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