DOD, Military System Acquisition, & Configuration Management Web Sites

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Department of Defense U.S. Air Force U.S. Army U.S. Navy United States Marine Corps
Air Force Material Command (For MIL IPs Only) Air Force Material Command (Public Site) Under Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition U.S. Navy SPAWAR U.S. Army Material Command
RESERVED RESERVED RESERVED RESERVED Institute of Configuration Management

The table above provides hyperlinks to some of the more useful system acquisition, system engineering, configuration management, and Military Service Material Command websites. These sites contain both policy and weapon system information. The "DoD Configuration Management Webpage," in particular, contains a great deal of information relating to all aspects of system support and system engineering, including configuration management, data or information management, engineering technical data, and many of the system engineering "ilities", including reliability, maintainability, etc. It also contains links to many of the pertinent DoD and Government documents. If you note any out of date links, please email me @Webmaster

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