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This page provides an overview of the government on-line business system. This information will be helpful to individuals who want to learn more about how the Federal Government now does much of its business on-line, and, if one is so inclined, how to go about learning what business opportunities are currently being offered. The table above provides hyperlinks to several government websites that contain information on current business opportunities, including DoD and other Agency business opportunities.

The Federal Business Opportunities Web Site lists all U.S. Government business opportunities. To find a particular agency, you would merely click the "Vendors" graphical hyperlink. You would then find a table with hyperlinks to all federal agency procurements. Simply click the "offices" hyperlink of the desired military service or federal agency and then follow the links to the desired military base or federal agency.

Air Force Business: Some Quick Answers

The Commerce Business Daily (CBD) Web Page is an on-line version of the paper CBD. Prior to 1 January 2002, the CBD would list all government business opportunities that exceeded the FAR dollar threshold. However, since 1 January 2002, the Federal Business Opportunities web page has become the single point of public access on the Internet for government-wide federal procurement opportunities {business opportunities that exceed $25,000}. You can access this site in the table above.

The DoD Business Opportunities page is similiar to the Federal page. It, however, confines itself to military service business opportunities. The other hyperlinks above contain information on
  1. How to register for both military and civilian agency government business.
  2. Opportunities for both small and minority owned business.
  3. System, subsystem, and service contract opportunities with the major Air Force Material Command Centers.
  4. And, a direct link to one of the best government web sites - The Air Force FAR website. It contains all FAR, DFARS, AFARS, and other FAR-related information. It also has a very useful search engine to conduct FAR-related searches. If you need to access a particular FAR clause, this is the site to visit.

Doing Business with the Air Force: Some Quick Answers

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If you need U.S. Government information, and aren't sure where to look, then please consider visiting the "FirstGov"site. Just click the graphical hyperlink to open this site. This site is a one stop shopping center for government information. Among the myriad features of this site is a page where you can determine for which government benefits you may be eligible. It is located in the FirstGov site @ Government BenefitsPlease note that if you need state government information, you can go to Google and type in the state's name. If the state has a website, then Google will lead you to it.

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