System Engineering Technical Data

System engineering technical data consists of such things as blueprints, source code, technical manuals, and software programmers and users manuals. These documents play a vital role in system support as without them, systems would probably be both inoperable and unsupportable. It is critical that these documents be maintained and kept up-to-date. Failure to do so would mean that operators and maintainers may be trying to do their jobs with incorrect instructions. Also, other government or private organizations which may be developing systems which are intended to work with your system, will be basing their work on erroneous information.

Configuration control involves quite a bit of work with blueprints. Blueprints or engineering drawings are the documents that define the detailed physical configuration of a system. This is the physical appearance and reality of the system. The role of configuration control is to keep these blueprints up-to-date, such that all approved physical changes are added to and reflected in the blueprints.

Blueprints are usually organized into assembly drawings, detail drawings, control drawings, interface drawings, and parts lists. A long and thorough tutorial on these documents is beyond the scope of this web site. However, additional information and guidance on system engineering technical data can be found at a U.S. Army web page. To check it out, click on the tank below:

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